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We are a team of Greenwich Health Quality Checkers. We are a group of people with a learning disability who have been trained to check health services and help them offer a better service for people with a learning disability.

'People with learning disabilities are 58% are more likely to die before the age of 50 than the general population' (Hollins et al 1999).


NHS Greenwich wants to make sure that people with a learning disability in Greenwich are getting good health care. We are meeting with staff from surgeries across the Borough of Greenwich. We are getting feedback from patients.


We are looking at 4 quality standards that we think affect people with learning disabilities. The 4 qualitystandards are:

1. Access: the surgery is easy to use.

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2. Easy read information: the surgery has easy read information for people with a learning disability.

3. Personal Health Profiles and Health Checks: the surgery offers health checks and personal health profiles to people with a learning disability.

4. Well-trained staff: the surgery has staff who work well with people with a learning disability.

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We feedback to the surgeries and we let them know what they are doing well and what they could do to make things better for patients with a learning disability.

For more information on the Health Quality Checkers and the work we're doing, please contact us.


Phone 020 8293 3720

People living away from Greenwich

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Some people from Greenwich who have a learning disability and health care needs are being given their support in areas out of the Borough.

NHS Greenwich want be sure that people are getting good support and choosing where they want to live. It is important that people have their voices heard and can live in Greenwich if this is what they want, so the big bosses decided to make sure that people were given advocates.

This is very important because of bad things that happened at a place called Winterbourne View. At Winterbourne View people were abused and did not have their voices heard. Some staff went to jail for what they did to people with learning disabilities. Nobody wants things like Winterbourne View to happen again so people having advocates is a part of trying to make sure people are happy and safe.