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I'm a Person Too wins a National Training Award

NTA Awards Ceremeony Photo

The I'm a Person Too training team are celebrating winning a National Training Award for the I'm a Person Too training pack. The photograph was taken at the award ceremony, which took place at Sheffield's Millennium Gallery in September 2011.

The judges on the National Training Awards panel said that, "...the entry demonstrated both outstanding and exceptional business achievement and organisational development made through training".

Workshop on Personal Budgets

On Tuesday 7th June 2010 we did a workshop about Personal Budgets.

The London Borough of Greenwich asked Advocacy in Greenwich to organise it.

We looked the steps for getting a personal Budget.

Support Planning
  1. Having an Assessment and getting the money.
  2. Planning your support.
  3. Brokerage - making the support plan happen.

We thought about what sort of person would make a good support planner.

People thought it should be someone who listens to you. Some people thought it should be a person who knows you well but others thought is should be some one new.

We also looked at what sort of person would make a good broker and make the support plan happen. People thought a broker should be very good with money and get us value for money.

Most people thought that the Support Planner and The Broker should be two different people.

If it had to be one person it would give people less choice about who they could ask to do the job.

Everyone worked really hard and there were loads of good ideas. Advocacy in Greenwich will write a report including everyone ideas.

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