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This year we have been asked by different organisations to find out what people think about the services that they are using or living in.

We did 5 important pieces of work that have given people who use those services more choice and control and helped those services to be better.

  1. With the help of Karen, MP for Housing, we found out what people thought a good respite service should look like. This has helped Greenwich council think about what respite services should look like in the future.
  2. We helped a group of residents to think about what Supported living could look like and to make the choice about changing their service.
  3. We found out what people who live in services in different parts of the country think about those services. This has helped NHS Greenwich to know whether people who live far away from Greenwich are getting the best services and support and are safe.
  4. We found out what people thought about the Greenwich Work train Employment service. This has helped Work train to see what services are working well and what needs to change.
  5. We did lots of work to make sure that people with learning disabilities have good health.  We supported Debbie, MP for Health to facilitate health workshops and a Health Forum for people with learning disabilities.

This has meant that:

  • People with learning disabilities know more about how to stay healthy.
  • Local services are getting better at working with people with learning disabilities.

DPChoice and Control

We are members of the Choice and Control Project which supports people to use Direct Payments and Personal Budgets to pay for their support and services.

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