List of Safe Places – Page 2


Thamesmere Library

Thamesmere Drive, SE28 8DT

Abbey Wood

Abbey Wood Arts Project

140 Eynsham Drive, SE2 9PT

Abbey Wood Library

Eynsham Drive, SE2 9PT

Abbey Wood Community Centre

4 Knee Hill, SE2 0YS

The Older People’s Service (TOPS)

Goldie Leigh, Lodge Hill, SE2 0YA


Trinity Community Centre

Burrage Road, SE 18 7JW

Slade Library and Children’s Centre

Erindale, SE18 2QQ

Plumstead Fire Station

1 Lakedale Road, SE18 1PP

Shooters Hill

Shrewsbury House

Bushmoor Crescent, SE18 3JL


Mycenae House

90 Mycenae Road, Blackheath Standard,SE3 7SE


Lee Fire Station

9 Eltham Road, SE12 8ES


One Space Cafe

Kidbrooke Park Road, SE3 9YY


The Eltham Centre

2 Archery Road, SE9 1HA

Eltham Library

2 Archery Road, SE9 1HA

Sherard Road (Day Opportunities)

81 Tattersall Close, SE9 6ET

Coldharbour Library

60 William Barefoot Drive, SE9 3AY

Middle Park Community Centre

150 Middle Park Avenue, SE9 5SD

St Marys Eltham Community Centre

180 Eltham High Street, SE9 1BJ

Eltham Fire Station

226Eltham High Street, SE9 1BA

New Eltham

New Eltham Library

Southwood Road, SE9 3QT

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