About the project

The project has 5 years funding from the National lottery community fund.

Why the project is needed

People with a Learning Disability have lots of difficulties when trying to use services.

We want to make services better for people with a Learning Disability


What we will do

We think everyone should be able to use and enjoy the same services.

Our aim is to check services in the Borough of Greenwich and other places as well

To make sure they are easy to use for people with learning disabilities.

How we will do it

We will speak to other people with a learning disability to find out how they use their local services.

Then we will visit services and websites to check how easy they are to use

How we will make services better

  • Access – check if the service is easy to use
  • Check there is well trained staff who are helpful
  • Check there is Easy read information
  • Give advice about how to improve

Find out more

Services we check

Types of services we check

Have your say

Tell us about your services

Work as a quality checker

Do you or anyone you know have a learning disability, then come work with us.

For services

Do you want to know if your service is easy to use and accessible for people with learning disabilities? Contact us to have us check your service.

Contact us




020 8293 3720

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