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March 2021 event

Live in Greenwich and have a learning disability?

Come along to the Quality Checking Greenwich consultation event on Friday 26th March on zoom.

We will be chatting about health and wellbeing during lockdown as well as your services.

For more information go to our events page

23rd October 2020

Join the MPs to talk about GPs on 5th November at the The Health Week on Zoom.

To sign up click here

29th November 2019

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the MP’s and Assistant MP’s.

19th November 2019

Please support the Safe Places Team

15th November 2019

Do you shop at the Co-op in Herbert Road?

If so please make us your chosen cause:

8th November 2019

The MP’s and the Safe Places Team have had a busy week.

23rd October 2019

The MPs have been hard at work preparing for the next Partnership Board and Citizen Forum this week.

18th October 2019

Debbie and Ravi led a Citizen Forum about Health at Riverwood today. They spoke to people about Black Books, Annual Health Checks and Hospital Passports.

26th September 2019

People with a learning disability die younger than other people. Black Books, Hospital Passports and Annual Health Checks can make a difference.

Please watch our Health Film – it tells you about Black Books (Health Profiles), Hospital Passports and Annual Health Checks.

24th September 2019

We are excited to say we have 5 years funding from the National Lottery for a full time post to support a paid team of people with a learning disability to quality check local services.

2nd August 2019

The MPs and Assistant MPs had a great day planning the Citizen Forums for September, October and November.

30th July 2019

Eveline and Vicky gave a presentation about Good Practice and Advocacy for Parents with a Learning Disability to 400 social work students at the Frontline Summer Institute.

26th July 2019

The MPs and Assistant MPs had their Safeguarding Adults training today.

26th June 2019

We were awarded our Disability Confident Employer Award.

20th June 2019

On the 20th June the election team counted the votes for the elections for the Greenwich People’s Parliament.

The 6 new MP’s are:


The 4 new Assistant MP’s are:


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